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primavera botticelli

Primavera by Botticelli: the story of a masterpiece

In Florence’s Galleria degli Uffizi, nestled on the second floor amidst the Medieval and Renaissance collections, lies one of the most enigmatic treasures of Western art – Primavera by Sandro Botticelli.

The iconography, historical context, and various interpretations of Primavera have sparked extensive scholarly debate, with its critical reception ebbing and flowing over time. Let’s delve into what lies within and behind this magnificent panel.

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museo del bargello
In the museum

Museo del Bargello: tips and must-see works

Today, the Museo del Bargello holds one of the world’s most significant collections of sculpture and decorative arts, a result of merging the Medici collection with private donations from convents and other museums, including the Uffizi.
Touring all 16 rooms takes about 2 hours: in this guide, we’ve highlighted some of the masterpieces that have marked the history of Florence – and beyond – that we recommend you don’t miss.

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cosa portare in regalo da firenze
Art journeys

Treasures from Tuscany: 5 must-have souvenirs from Florence

The enchantment of a journey lingers not just in the moments lived but also in the joy of discovering and acquiring unique items that resonate with the territory. These finds serve as cherished mementos of your travels or as thoughtful gifts for loved ones back home. In a city as historically and artistically rich as Florence, the challenge lies in choosing from the abundance!

Here are 5 authentic Florentine treasures for gifts that are as delightful to give as they are to receive.

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crocifisso donatello e brunelleschi

Disputes in art: Tales of rivalry and recklessness

Getting to know the lives and personalities of artists, beyond just their creations, deepens our comprehension and enriches our interpretation of their eras.
We’ve curated a selection of the most illustrious disputes between artists – across all ages – some of which are connected to masterpieces that we can still admire today, in a celebration of the artists as passionately as the art they produced.

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iconografia dei santi san lorenzo gian lorenzo bernini

Recognizing saints in art: a brief iconographic guide

Museum visits often transport us through time as we stand captivated by the artwork, we inevitably engage in an exercise of interpretation. Deciphering the subjects and scenes, especially when it comes to saints, isn’t always straightforward.
The attributes, postures, and life events of these holy figures have grown distant from modern understanding, leaving us at times perplexed by the art’s message, which might strike us as peculiar or unconventional.
It’s ironic when you think about it – during the Middle Ages and beyond, saintly iconography was a standardized and widely understood visual language, serving as an instructional aid in religious teachings.
Mastering the art of identifying these key figures doesn’t just mean pinpointing the main theme of a painting; it’s about unlocking the symbolic narratives woven into the canvas.
This concise guide takes you through the tales and trademark belongings of some of the most frequently depicted saints, whose depictions continue to spark wonder and intrigue.

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giardini all'italiana storia esempi e caratteristiche

Italian gardens: history, origins and examples

Italian gardens stand alongside architecture, painting, and sculpture as one of the Renaissance’s most enduring legacies. These gardens are celebrated for their harmonious balance and refined elegance, embodying a cultural heritage and detailed aesthetic pursuit that sought to express itself through the orchestrated arrangement of nature.
As with all things, time has shaped the Italian Garden, which has adapted and changed, obscuring some of its original design. Yet, by understanding its beginnings and distinctive characteristics, we can still trace and appreciate the essence of its early splendor.

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compasso d'oro vincitori ADI museum Milano

Compasso d’Oro: discover the iconic and acclaimed objects you might unknowingly own

Italian design, celebrated for its influence on the culture of home furnishings and industrial products, has etched a place of pride in our modern history.
This success comes from the collaboration between creative ingenuity, enlightened local entrepreneurs and high quality projects, many of them recognised with the prestigious Compasso d’Oro, the oldest and most established award in the industry.
Our selection highlights 9 of the most beloved and widespread items from the extensive catalog of over 350 annual awardees – pieces of exceptional design that you might just find you own.

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musei da vedere a firenze vista di firenze
Art journeys

The 7 museums you shouldn’t miss on your first trip to Florence

“Florence’s urban landscape is, in itself, a unique artistic marvel—an unparalleled masterpiece shaped continuously over more than six centuries.”

This is how the UNESCO World Heritage Centre describes this Tuscan gem, which has been listed as a World Heritage site since 1982.

And, undoubtedly, this is the impression this city leaves on anyone seeing it for the first time. Discover with us 7 must-see museums in Florence.

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Primavera copia
BeCulture News

What is BeCulture?

BeCulture facilitates and accompanies travellers, art enthusiasts and the curious in visiting cities, museums and cultural institutions. Through insights and thematic itineraries, you can create

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