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BeCulture facilitates and accompanies travellers, art enthusiasts and the curious in visiting cities, museums and cultural institutions. Through insights and thematic itineraries, you can create your personalized visit, built around your interests. In a single and safe purchase, which crosses all our museums and our services, from the purchase of tickets, publishing and dedicated and certified merchandise.

Enter the BeCulture world

BeCulture is the new platform that aggregates Orbital Cultura’s museums and services. Designed to offer an additional visibility and sales channel for our customers, the BeCulture platform allows the products of all the museums present to be brought together in a single, simplified and secure purchase: from ticketing to publishing, from merchandise to guided tours.

BeCulture is an open, evolving project, always looking for new synergies and collaborations, with the ambition of providing an effective service that amplifies the visibility of even lesser-known realities.

Send an e-mail to info@orbitalcultura.com to enter the BeCulture world.

Orbital Cultura

Orbital Cultura, company of the NEXI group, has been operating in the museum services sector for over thirty years, providing innovative answers in the convergence of traditional and multi-channel strategies for museums and cultural institutions, ever open to their visitors and mindful of their needs.

Our activity is not limited to tech aspects, such as the creation of physical and virtual ticketing systems, the creation of customized apps, e-commerce and audio guides, but extends to the production of certified Italian-made merchandise, fundraising and projects for the enhancement of historical and artistic heritage. Our aim is to work alongside clients and partners to take up the new challenges offered by the online sphere and mobile devices together. Not only to guide them in their planning but also to collaborate and invest with them in opportunities for experimentation and growth.

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