Bacchus By Michelangelo


Reproduction of the Bacco statue, made by Michelangelo Buonarroti in ca 1496.
Product in resin and marble powder, made in Tuscany and finished by hand.
The original statue is to be found in the Museo Nazionale del Bargello.

Produced in 1497, this statue by Michelangelo was commissioned by Roman Cardinal Raffaele Riario. Bacchus is the only sculpture with a pagan theme by the artist that has survived to present times. The mastery of Michelangelo, then in his early twenties, is highlighted by the illusory softness of the young subject’s skin and body, which appear real and alive. The sculpture also shows a strong psychological connotation, depicting a young man walking with an unsteady gait due to his wine-induced inebriation.

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Materials: resin and marble powder, marble base
Size: cm 25 x 8,5 x 8
Weight: g 561

Weight 561 g

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Historical Period

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