Giuseppe Bezzuoli (1784-1855)


Along with Francesco Hayez, Giuseppe Bezzuoli is one of the foremost exponents of Italian and European pictorial romanticism. His influence also crossed the ocean and reached the American painters of the Hudson River School. Ostensibly associated with the academic sphere, he was actually the teacher of a “rebel” Macchiaioli painter like Giovanni Fattori and of Silvestro Lega. The exhibition at Palazzo Pitti, and the accompanying catalogue, do justice to his figure as an innovator, as a proponent of a type of painting that focused on emotions and nature.

Edited by: Vanessa Gavioli, Elena Marconi, Ettore Spalletti

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Edited by: Vanessa Gavioli, Elena Marconi, Ettore Spalletti
Publisher: Giunti Editore
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Date of publication: 2022
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