Painters In Florence After The “Black Death”. The Master Of The Misericordia And Matteo Di Pacino


The volume of the Corpus series is dedicated to two important, though still little known, exponents of Florentine painting in the second half of the 14th century: the Master of the Madonna della Misericordia in the Accademia (now identified with Giovanni Gaddi) and Matteo di Pacino. The author reconstructs the catalogue of works of both artists and analyses their role in the wider context of art in Florence during this period. The Sonia Chiodo’s elucidation of the careers of the two painters throws fresh light on hitherto little studied aspects of Florentine painting in the second half of the 14th century. It makes a useful contribution to the reconstruction of the complex and continuously evolving situation of art in Florence during this period, which has (until not many decades ago) been unjustly neglected by art-historical research.

Author: Sonia Chiodo

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Author: Sonia Chiodo
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Date of publication: 2012
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