The Porcellino


Reproduction in bronzed resin of a famous statue of a boar, a fine example of Roman Art from the II-I century b.C. that has become a Florentine icon, also thanks to the baroque bronze copy by Pietro Tacca, kown today as Porcellino.
Product made in Tuscany and finished by hand.
The original marble statue is located in the Gallerie degli Uffizi.

In 1556, a marble reproduction of a boar dating from the second or first century BC was found on the Esquiline Hill in Rome, probably a copy of a Greek bronze statue. The sculpture, donated by Pope Pius IV to Cosimo I de’ Medici, is now found in Palazzo Pitti. The most famous copy of this work is the Fountain of the ‘Porcellino’ by Pietro Tacca, a pupil of Giambologna, who produced it in bronze in 1633. The creator of this statue shows a thorough knowledge of the animal’s anatomy, perfectly depicting a wild boar rising at the sound of hunters nearby. A curiosity about the statue relates to the popular belief that rubbing the Porcellino’s nose brings good luck.

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Material: bronzed resin
Size: cm 7 x 6 x 8
Weight: g 109

Weight 109 g

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