Mercury By Giambologna


Reproduction of the famous bronze statue by Giambologna, representing the god Mercury. Product in bronzed resin, made in Tuscany and finished by hand. The original is now housed inside theMuseo Nazionale del Bargello. Produced in 1580 by Giambologna, the Mercury is an example of Mannerist sculpture. In stark contrast to Michelangelo’s muscular and robust style, the subject of this bronze statue is a slender and light young man. The base of the work features the face of Zephyrus, supporting the foot of the god Mercury with his breath. Commissioned by Ferdinando de’ Medici, it was originally placed at the peak of a fountain in Villa Medici in Rome.

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Materials: bronzed resin, marble base Size: cm 35,5 x 10 x 11,5 Weight: g 738

Weight 738 g

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